Everything You Need To Know About Pineapple Express Seeds

Before we tell you where you can find pineapple express seeds in Canada, we will tell you about marijuana, its benefits, its side effects, what are Pineapple Express seeds and where you can find them in Canada.

Marijuana is a plant with chemicals like THC and CBD in it.  These are the two chemicals that have most of the medical properties in them. THC is the chemical that is responsible for the high and euphoria everyone identifies with marijuana. there are hundreds of marijuana strains that are high in THC and have different properties that make them the marijuana strains best consumed in the night. They make sure high, energetic and psychoactive. You should never drive under the influence of THC high marijuana seeds.

CBD is a chemical is is good for pain relief and feeling calm without being high. You can consume them during the day and also drive under the influence as they are very mild. They also enhance your creativity and fill you with energy without making you hyper active.

Both these chemical compositions are just one way to distinguish marijuana strains. Other ways include flowering period, auto flowering strains, feminized seeds and so on. They are also mainly divided into three categories and they are indica, sativa and hybrid. Every strain is either a sativa, indica or a mix of both – hybrid. These are the classes in which all the strains are divided regardless of their chemical composition, flowering period, and photoperiod and so on.

The main benefits of marijuana are:

  • Increases appetite
  • Fills you with energy
  • Relaxes the body and mind
  • Pain relief
  • Relief from nausea and vomiting

These are the most basic effects of consuming marijuana. With positives comes some negatives as well. Here are the common side effects of marijuana

  • Drowsiness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes

If consumed in heavy quantity, a person can easily overdose on any marijuana strain including Pineapple Express seeds in Canada and anywhere else in the world.

Pineapple express seeds in Canada are a hybrid which is indica dominant. It is a cross between OG Kush and Jamaican Pineapple. You can cultivate this strain inside or outside. It requires a warm climate to have the best yield. Late September is the best time to harvest Pineapple Express seeds in Canada. It has a sweet pineapple flavour that will take you back to a tropical region with a citrus aroma courtesy of the OG Kush. The THC percent in this strain is 19%. It is a powerful strain that will give you a nice high, relax your body and make you cheerful. You can consume it daily and buy it online from any of the seed banks on the internet that ship in Canada.


A few potential customers associated with how you can shed fatty tissue

Fatty tissue may be the build up associated with body fat just beneath your skin that triggers dimple such as development about the pores and skin, particularly round the reduce pelvic area. It’s a recognized proven fact that ladies tend to be impacted much more through fatty tissue compared to males. How you can get rid of fatty tissue has turned into a typical query because previous being an harmful development associated with fatty tissue leads to a good unattractive look. Fatty tissue may assault any kind of ladies, the reason why becoming grow older associated, hormonal discrepancy, hereditary problems, lifestyle and diet options. Therefore you should obtain the correct methods to how you can shed fatty tissue.

Consume lots of drinking water as well as succulent fruit in order to get rid of away poisons in the entire body. The solution in order to how you can get rid of fatty tissue is actually greater drinking water consumption. Fruits tend to be some thing you need to consist of in what you eat. Eat meals that’s alkaline within character because this can help to lessen poisonous ingredients saved inside your body fat tissue. Processed sodium is actually acidic as well as dehydrates as well as eliminates mineral deposits out of your entire body, therefore prevent this. It’s also necessary to keep the bowels thoroughly clean as well as be sure you make use of house enemas from normal times. These types of little actions will certainly provide you with large amount of solutions in order to how you can shed fatty tissue.

The most crucial element although is definitely working out. You have to place the body via some type of physical exercise whenever possible. Many people these days possibly journey within vehicles as well as technologies offers created all of us actually lazier. Follow the routine associated with strolling at the community recreation area as well as consider the actual steps whenever you can. This really is an additional means to fix how you can get rid of fatty tissue. Greater exercise induces perspiring which assists your body to eliminate poisons. You may also give a couple of particular workouts which focus on the issue places such as sides as well as upper thighs. Physical exercise is the greatest guidance anybody may request whilst searching for hints in order to how you can shed fatty tissue.

You may also choose plastic surgery however individuals ought to be the final vacation resort. Once the response to how you can get rid of fatty tissue is based on after this you why wouldn’t you proceed underneath the chef’s knife? Correct way of life as well as great diet plan can provide a person excellent outcomes. Right now, it might hit a person exactly what great diet plan may be? You are able to drop back again on the web the industry big archive of this kind of info. There are lots of associated web sites that provide a person genuine suggestions about how you can shed fatty tissue within organic methods. You are able to sign up for manual publications giving a person wellness ideas as well as quality recipes which are efficient within losing away additional weight.

Grow older will boost the possibility of fatty tissue and thus will hormonal modifications however, they are elements that are from the hands. Therefore, usually believe in the actual organic techniques to function as the greatest methods for how you can get rid of fatty tissue. However, if you would like outcomes quick as well as within much more obvious method after that get additional remedies. Lotions as well as creams are actually obtainable which assist a great deal within managing fatty tissue. Ensure that you purchase from real resources. A few investigation on the web and some great ideas through buddies may make you the best monitor. Find out about fatty tissue and it is ill-effects and become a good exemplar to exhibit the planet how you can shed fatty tissue.


A summary associated with Kratom

Kratom offers for a long period already been referred to as the grow that provides various therapeutic advantages and contains experienced make use of for several years as well as particularly within the northeast Asian countries. The results associated with Kratom tend to be numerous plus they differ a great deal. It’s a medication that’s really distinctive and may provide sedating results and many individuals evaluate these phones the actual opiates. It’s the system that’s much like the actual discomfort medicines which are opiate dependent however isn’t that addicting.

Whenever used, the actual stimulant degree leads to the thoughts much much more notify. Actually, an individual has much more power as well as the lovemaking power may also be elevated. Utilizing it may boost the capability for you to manage bodily function that may be difficult and incredibly boring. Additionally, it can make anyone to ne much more interpersonal, pleasant as well as talkative. Very few discover the second option therefore enjoyable.

In the sedative-euphoric degree, an individual gets much less delicate in order to psychological or even bodily discomfort plus they may feel and look relaxed. Addititionally there is the sensation of the confortable type of enjoyment and something might even key in the reverie that’s wonderful. With capacity of advert itchiness will also be typical and also the students can happen limited.

The results generally rely on exactly how powerful the actual Kratom you’re utilizing is really. There are several graphs obtainable which can certainly help to exhibit the results from the various types. You should observe that awareness differs in one individual to another and also the numerous resources often means various strength amounts. Usually begin with less dosage as well as improve while you carry on make use of. Whenever you purchase Kratom, test out a minimal dosage whenever you obtain the brand new order. If you use an extremely powerful dosage, you might really feel nauseated. A few Kratom suppliers tend to be available to create cash therefore be sure you purchase your own in one who’s genuine to find the preferred outcomes.

Length associated with results

Results associated with Kratom final as much as 6 several hours. If it’s used prior to 1 consumes, the results begin under 40 min’s following the intake. For any individual who offers consumed results might take under ninety min’s. When it’s consumed ion tablet type, after that results tend to be postponed since the pills generally take a moment prior to these people break down.

The actual different types of Kratom

The actual horn Kratom is among the most widely used 1 however it’s also an extremely uncommon kind. It’s look offers horn such as designs which is obtainable through various suppliers. There are several suppliers that develop the actual horn leaf on their own as well as which means that it’s the actual 1. Examine evaluations from the various suppliers on the internet in order to figure out how genuine they are really.


The radiation Might Provide Substantial Increase Within Lung Most cancers Remedy

An additional coating associated with remedy might help individuals with non-small cellular lung most cancers appreciate lengthier, progression-free life. That’s the end result of the current research which investigated the actual possible advantages of including the radiation treatment right into a plan for treatment which additionally consists of surgical treatment. This particular extra action, actually, shown statistically substantial enhancements within growth manage.

The research which found individuals findings included the actual evaluation around eighty sufferers that just about all went through post-operative the radiation treatment along with surgical treatment designed to get rid of their own growths. Some of the sufferers additionally experienced chemotherapy. In the three-year tag, scientists discovered individuals handled along with radiotherapy loved a general success price associated with thirty four. 1 %. The actual progression-free success price had been twenty nine. 1 %. Local development as well as faraway development numbers had been additionally enhanced for individuals who went through the radiation.

As the amounts may not appear amazing at first glance, they’re. Lung most cancers is among the top reasons for cancer-related fatalities in the usa. Approximately 224, 390 individuals are identified as having the condition every year. Approximately 158, 000 pass away from this yearly. Whilst earlier recognition as well as remedy steps tend to be enhancing along with brand new investigation as well as research, this particular illness continues to be probably the most hard to deal with. This really is particularly then when the actual most cancers is actually discovered from later on phases whenever actually medical growth elimination is probably not feasible.

For all those along with non-small cellular lung most cancers, the actual add-on associated with radiotherapy might help enhance their own general diagnosis. Nevertheless, the very best treatment is determined by the specific situation associated with lung most cancers under consideration and it is phase. Sufferers tend to be advised to go over their own remedy programs using their health care companies. The radiation might be pointed out in some instances, however sufferers also needs to end up being completely knowledgeable concerning the possible dangers as well as advantages of this particular extra coating associated with remedy.

Those who are in danger with regard to lung most cancers ought to consult with their own physicians regarding testing. Earlier recognition techniques are for sale to individuals with a higher danger with this disease’s improvement, for example long-term, large smokers.


Universal Medication Dropship with regard to Wholesome Existence

Decrease delivery products tend to be among the best methods within which you’ll obtain your own professional recommended points or even medicines produced by organizations underneath the belief associated with FDA as well as WHO-GMP. These types of businesses happen to be dealing with prestigious manufacturers such as: Ranbaxy, Cipla, Aurochem Drugs, Cadila Drugs, Sunlight Pharma and various Multinationals.

The current leading edge amount of increase associated with deterioration wellness problems and it is exceptional final results about the common wealth of the guy is actually surprising. The actual enhancement as well as investigation number of every therapeutic providers organization is really basic with regard to viewing away for that daily medical implications as well as fresh modifications. It’s theory impact within improving the actual speed of the research as well as assist with walking being an inseparable device along with present tests as well as advancements.

From Universal Medication Dropship, all of us create a required link along with a middle a few part of every assumed interpersonal insurance coverage organization due to the possible and it is associated noteworthiness within improving outcomes. Our company signed up between the prestigious titles in the commercial contained in providing Universal Medication Dropship organizations to the customers. They are to some excellent level thought one of the customers because of their timeliness. Additionally, all of us provide organizations from extremely achievable prices.

Pharmacy Dropship provides an amazing bundling construction using its protection as well as wellness steps. The romantic relationship associated with believe in as well as understanding may be the indication that people provide total satisfaction to the customers. This can make to some excellent level fundamental with regard to customers to purchase any kind of medication shop points through all of us.

You will find lots of medication shop points included Diet pills, Discomfort executioners, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION products as well as several additional suggested medications. The actual plans associated with regenerative points all of us offer tend to be from the actual rumored providers from the industrial middle. All of us provide several interpersonal insurance coverage products as well as medications associated with Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Ranbaxy, Dawn, Centurion Treatments as well as several various manufacturers.

Pharmacy Dropship will decrease transport associated with medicines via by way of atmosphere with regard to bulk delivery, EMS Pace Publish or even AirMail. All of us deliver in order to European countries, UNITED STATES, Thailand, Sydney, Southern The african continent as well as UAE. All of us provide you with a surety with regard to re-shipping from the cost. All of us transportation the actual medicines particularly for you in order to your own client’s according to your own requirement.

The current sophisticated amount of improvement associated with deterioration wellness problems and it is notable outcomes about the common wealth of the guy is actually repugnant. The actual enhancement as well as investigation number of every interpersonal insurance coverage organization is really essential with regard to viewing away for that daily medical implications as well as reasonable modifications. It’s basic impact within improving the actual speed of the research as well as assist with walking being an inseparable device along with present exams as well as masterpieces.

From Universal Medication Dropship all of us create a basic link along with a middle some of every rumored human being providers organization due to the possible and it is associated criticalness within improving outcomes. Our company signed up between the prestigious titles in the commercial contained in providing Pharmacy Dropship organizations to the customers. They are to some excellent level thought one of the customers because of the trustworthiness. Furthermore, all of us provide organizations from very possible prices.


Essential Oil Options You Simply Need to Focus On Now

Cannabis oil, better known to the most skilled as hemp seed oil (which in fact perfectly describes its nature) is a medicinal preparation extracted from the cold sperming of Cannabis seeds. Despite the existence of different extraction methods, the one just mentioned is undoubtedly considered the best both in terms of quality of the product extracted due to almost no processing, and in terms of yield and quantity of oil obtained at the end of the process.


There are substantial differences that are instead obtained from the squeezing of the flowers, but more specifically from the distillation of the flowers of Cannabis Sativa, with respect to the pressing of the seeds. The derivative of the extraction from flowers (instead of from seeds) is more commonly known as hashish oil , that is to say a particular oleoresin derived from the strong coloring, tending to brown / dark green which is easily mistaken for the less “astonishing” hemp oil. This is what is usually used for recreational purposes and that is consumed through both vaporization and combustion processes: for example, it appears in numerous images on the web showing variegated and creative Marijuana-based joints and resin oil. With the Premium CBD UK the effects happen to be perfect.


The various uses that over time have been made of hemp oil have been screened by science recently, confirming some of the details and unique properties possessed by this very controversial plant. The uses of oil range in the most varied sectors, from textiles to cosmetics , from use in the industrial environment in which it can be used as biofuel and paint as well as plaster hardener , lubricant and plasticizer to the most famous culinary and sometimes medical field pharmaceutical industry .


In an aspect that strictly takes into account the organic aspects, it should be pointed out that Hemp oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6, contains another small percentage of different essential fatty acids and a dense concentration of vitamin E , B1 and B2 as well as traces of numerous other vitamins.

Thanks to the optimal ratio of the fatty acids contained in it, especially thanks to the right balance between linoleic acid Omega 3 and Omega 6, hemp oil is considered a cure-all for the body like many other antioxidants since in able to maintain a correct cellular balance and therefore favor a healthy and continuous process of osmosis able both to detoxify the body and to heavily counteract the accumulation of free radicals. Moreover, the Omega 3 contained in the squeezed seeds is of great help in the management of cardiovascular pathologies, in a correct metabolization of ingested fats, as well as in the inflammatory response to different stimuli.



If breathing is a natural and unconscious act for people in perfect health, it is much more complicated for asthmatics . Because in asthma , the bronchi that lead the air to the lungs are permanently inflamed: the muscles that surround the bronchi contract, the wall thickens, the amount of mucus produced increases, making the passage of air to the lungs difficult. Hence the unpleasant sensation of suffocating.

Unfortunately, the asthmatic disease is chronic and the bronchi are almost permanently inflamed. This inflammation does not only result in more or less frequent and more or less severe asthma attacks . It is also manifested daily, by various symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, wheezing or tightness of the chest.

Best medication for the astma is symbicort inhaler. However symbicort price is high but you can buy it from Prescription Hope at cheap price by using symbicort coupon.

  • A health appointment at your pharmacist Giphar

Your pharmacist Giphar and his team take part in the prevention and vigilance actions of the 
asthmatic disease. Do not hesitate to ask him for advice to measure your risk factors or to optimize your treatment.

The asthma attack

The asthma attack is a medical emergency that requires immediate care of the patient. For if the obstruction of the bronchi is severe, the passage of the air can become almost impossible. Life is in danger! Fortunately, asthma can be relieved quickly in the majority of cases. This is thanks to inhaled inhaled medications that dilate the bronchi ( short-term bronchodilators) and let the air through normally. But when they are not enough and the crisis does not go away or gets worse, call 112 or go to the nearest emergency service.

Asthmatics: the indispensable background treatment

To control asthma , reduce the number of seizures and improve quality of life, it is therefore absolutely essential to control the basic phenomenon: chronic inflammation of the bronchi . Continuous DMARD therapy, which often combines anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroid-based) with long-lasting bronchodilators , is therefore essential.

The watchword: regular monitoring!

Although the benefits of DMARD are well known, it is estimated that about half of all people with asthma do not follow it correctly. Why this negligence? In part, because asthma is sometimes forgotten between two crises and that asthmaticsthink they are cured! And that taking a puff in a crisis is (wrongly) enough treatment! This is where regular medical monitoring is important: it allows you to find the right medicine and the right dosage by looking for the minimum dose that permanently reduces inflammation of the bronchi without causing unpleasant effects. In short, the key to a new quality of life!

The air path

To make our body work, our blood and cells need oxygen.

  • With each breath, the air enters through the nose and mouth, passes through the larynx and trachea, before reaching the bronchi, then the bronchioles and finally reaching the lungs.
  • It is there, in the pulmonary alveoli, that the blood captures the fresh oxygen and rejects the carbon dioxide, which takes the same way in opposite direction before being expelled by the expiration.

The advice of your pharmacist GIPHAR

  • Asthma and allergy: put the odds on your side!

In 70 to 80% of cases, asthma has an allergic origin. In children, this proportion reaches even 95%.

To reduce the risk of crisis:

  • ventilate every room in the house for 20 minutes every day,
  • avoid contact with pets, especially cats and dogs,
  • find out about the allergenic aspect of some houseplants,
  • ban tobacco from your home.

How to prevent and treat diabetes

The prevention of diabetes should focus on avoiding obesity and sedentary lifestyle

For several years, diabetes mellitus has gained popularity. Diabetes is frequent and complications are serious. The International Diabetes Federation had estimated that by 2025 the population of diabetics would reach figures of up to 300 million worldwide and, what is more worrying, the increase in diabetes in Latin America would be 148%. In Costa Rica, its prevalence increased from 5% in the 1990s to approximately 10% in more recent years. Best medication for the diabetes is trulicity. However trulicity cost is high but you can buy it from Prescription Hope at cheap price by using trulicity coupon.

The increase in the prevalence of diabetes, particularly type 2, which occurs in adults, has a direct relationship with obesity and, Costa Rica being a country in which alarming obesity figures of up to one year have been reported. 60% in adults, it is understandable the evolution that diabetes has experienced in Costa Rica.

The causes of obesity are multiple; Genetic and environmental factors are involved, particularly sedentary lifestyle and exaggerated caloric intake.

Recent studies have shown that lifestyle components alter energy metabolism and induce obesity.

Nocturnal working hours and alterations of the sleep pattern affect the biological clock and induce modifications in the neurohipothalamic regulation of appetite, and alterations in the genetic expression of metabolic processes that cause insulin resistance and alterations in insulin production.

Prevention of diabetes. The prevention of diabetes should focus on avoiding obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Both in this country and in other regions of the world, despite what is known to be done to prevent or delay the development of diabetes, the necessary strategies to change lifestyles have not been applied, the main weapon for its prevention. Rather and sadly, unhealthy lifestyles such as inadequate nutrition, sendentarism and smoking gain ground.

It is contrasting that our society and its leaders who appreciate and recognize the achievements of our country to reduce infant morbidity and mortality and improve life expectancy, have not shown the will to promote healthy lifestyles in the population. We are still waiting for an approval of an anti-smoking law; that measures be taken in schools and colleges to reduce the number of overweight and obese adolescents. The philosophy with which the Hospital Without Walls was developed in the 70s, to prevent diseases that affected the child population, could be taken as an example to set primary attention towards the prevention of diseases and the promotion of health.

Treatment. Diabetics poorly controlled will inevitably suffer changes in their blood vessels, which irrigate the heart, brain, kidney, eyes, limbs, whose repercussions will manifest as heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness and amputations. That is why diabetics, without adequate control, live on average 10 years less and suffer early complications. In terms of finances, it should be remembered that it has been estimated that for every dollar used to control diabetes, up to $ 10 is saved in treating complications.

Research has allowed us to know the processes by which diabetes develops, the mechanisms that explain its complications and, most importantly, what should be done to adequately control the disease and thus prevent complications.

The latter is a difficult, expensive task and requires integrating the attention of health professionals, stimulating patient and family participation.

For this, a very important component is education in diabetes, which makes it easier for the patient and his family to learn more about his illness, make appropriate decisions in his diet of lifestyles and stick to treatment. Of special importance to achieve that the patient is empowered, is to have a glucometer and the reactive tapes that allow him to know his levels of glycemia. Unfortunately, the cost of these equipment is exorbitant, so we urge the competent authorities to take measures to reduce taxes on these essential equipment for diabetics. Furthermore, the new drugs, which have been shown to facilitate glycemic control, and treat other frequent alterations in diabetics, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol elevation, are not universally available in Costa Rica.

The attention of the diabetic must also contemplate emotional aspects, their family environment and negotiate with the patient changes in lifestyle, which must be permanent. The current care model in Costa Rica does not allow this type of intervention.

Against this background, it is urgent to take measures both in the prevention of the disease and in the patient’s care. Health authorities, governments and universities must play a critical role on the one hand in remodeling and reorienting the preventive approach, and on the other hand, in the medical care of the diabetic. I hope the day will come soon when people with diabetes can get the attention they deserve.


Medications used to treat asthma

The goals of treatment for asthma are to minimize symptoms and allow children to participate in normal physical activities with minimal side effects. It is also important to avoid visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations due to asthma attacks. Ideally, this means that your child should not experience asthma symptoms more than once or twice a week, asthma symptoms should not wake your child at night more than twice a month, and your child should be able to participate in all games, sports and physical education activities. Another best way to treat this disease is dulera inhaler. Dulera coupon is available at Prescription Hope where you can buy it cheaply.

Asthma medications come in a variety of forms, including the following:

  • Inhalers dosing
  • Dry powder inhalers
  • Liquids that can be used in nebulizers
  • Pills
  • Drugs that can be injected

Note : Inhaled forms are preferred because they deliver the medication directly to the respiratory tract with minimal side effects.

Types of medications used to treat asthma

Asthma is different in each patient and the symptoms may change over time. Your health care provider will determine which asthma medication is best for your child based on the severity and frequency of symptoms, and the age of your child. Children with asthma symptoms that occur only occasionally are given medication only for short periods. Children with asthma whose symptoms occur most often need to take control medications every day.

Sometimes it is necessary to take several medications at the same time to control and avoid the symptoms. Your health care provider can give your child several medications at the beginning to control the symptoms of asthma, and then decrease the medications as needed. Your healthcare provider can also recommend a maximum respiratory flow meter for your child to use at home to monitor lung function. This can help you make decisions related to the change of therapy or after the effects of the changes made by your health care provider.

Medications for asthma are divided into 2 groups: rapid relief medications and control medications.

Rapid relief medications

  • Quick-relief medications are for short-term use, to open contracted airways and to help relieve the feeling of tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and shortness of breath. They can also be used to prevent asthma induced by exercise. These medications are taken only as needed. The most common quick relief medication is albuterol.

Control medications

  • Control medications are used daily to control asthma and reduce the number of days or nights your child has symptoms. Control medications are not used to relieve symptoms. Children who have symptoms more than twice a week or who wake up more than twice a month should use control medications. The amount and severity of asthma attacks also determines whether or not the control medication is needed.
  • Control medications include the following:
    • Inhaled steroids
    • Long-acting bronchodilators
    • Combination of products containing inhaled steroids and long-acting bronchodilators
    • Leukotriene receptor antagonists (only available in pills)
    • No inhaled steroids (such as cromoglycate and nedocromil)
    • Methylxanthines (for example, theophylline)
    • Omalizumab injections
  • The Corticosteroids Inhaled are preferred for all ages drug control. When used in recommended doses, they are safe for most children. However, in your child’s particular case, your health care provider may recommend another type of control medication.

Control plan against asthma

All people suffering from asthma should have an asthma action plan (plan to control asthma). The plan has information for the treatment of the child, for example the type of medication to take and when to take it. It also describes how to control asthma in the long term and how to react to an asthma attack. In addition, the plan explains when to call the doctor or go to an emergency room.            

All the people who care for the child should be aware of the action plan. People such as family members, child care providers, schools, camps, teams, coaches and instructors. In an emergency, they can help the child stick to his plan of action to control asthma.


Why is it important to study NLP?

Neurolinguistic Programming, also known by its acronym as NLP , has grown globally in a dizzying way in recent decades, and as more is known about the neurosciences, more is sustained and deepened the knowledge that this discipline gives us about how we build our experiences with help of NLP therapist. In this way, NLP studies the subjective experience that people have, about the experiences that are happening in our lives, and helps us to change certain mental connections, being able to model from our beliefs, emotions and even our actions, and with this, directly impacts on obtaining results in the various aspects of people.

When one begins to deepen on these subjects the perspective of things enters into contradiction. We realize that the beliefs on which we have built many of our decisions, positions and actions , do not help us achieve the satisfaction and results we really want, and we discover that there are new ways to re-educate and transform our mind .

It is for this powerful reason that more and more people choose to study and become certified in neurolinguistic programming, because regardless of whether you want to dedicate yourself to accompany others or simply enhance your own development skills, the applied and experiential learning that it is obtained in these experiences, helps to overcome situations that limit us, frustrate us and even hurt us, and that having the tools to mold them again in a more positive way, help us to heal, internally align and empower us externally.

 It is important to keep in mind that studying NLP is a discipline that is within the group of short therapies, this means that it also helps us in working with other people, helping them to overcome traumas, build new beliefs that help to enable achievement, and leaving behind those lack of personal resources that makes us act erratically, wrong the way or rightly makes us feel bad.

 There are many benefits of learning neurolinguistic programming, that is why more and more people of different professions, ages and personal challenges, want to learn how the mind works, and the tools that help to reconfigure it, to start enjoying the life of another way, and to successfully achieve challenges that seemed distant and impossible before.

 If you still have doubts about why you should make the decision to learn and be certified in NLP, let me give you a list of reasons that will help you make the best decision in your process of growth and transformation:

  1. You can learn to identify how the mind works and tools to re-educate it.
  2. You will improve your communication and perception skills, verbally and non-verbally.
  3. You can obtain an international certification from the Latin American Society of NLP.
  4. You will change patterns of thought and action, to begin to achieve results consistently.
  5. You will have the possibility to work past situations that are preventing your growth, to solve them in short times and to advance towards your goals.

 You already know, neurolinguistic programming points to where everything starts, our thoughts and the way we see the world and interact with it, so by learning this you will have a powerful key to build your own life as you truly wish.