Types of Medical Malpractices in Pittsburgh 

Medical malpractice is an area of law devoted to helping people injured by medical professional’s compensation. It is a term used to refer to the medical professional’s incompetent or negligent behavior during treatment. Medical malpractice is a broad term that includes all a medical professional can harm and/or kill a patient by giving substandard care. The following is a small sample of various medical malpractice claims many medical malpractice harrisburg pa handle: 

Prescription Drug Errors involves Medication Given to People in or out of the Hospital 

Errors in prescribing drugs can result in serious harm to the patient or even death. This type of medical error may involves giving the wrong medication, giving too little medication or too much medication. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and hospital staff can be sued for medical malpractice if they fail to know the dangerous interactions between medications. This can occur when a patient receives two dangerous medications and sustains serious injuries because of the drugs are dangerous when taken together. 

Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice can Result in Botched Procedures 

Anything can go wrong in surgery. However, the medical issue should not occur because of a medical professional’s lack of standard care. Cosmetic malpractice involves providing substandard care to patients. This substandard care may result in botched procedure like uneven breast or problems breathing after nose surgery. 

Surgical and Diagnosis Errors Involve Making a Medical Mistake 

A surgical error is making a surgical error may happen before, during or after an individual undergoes surgery. They may be given too much or too little anesthesia. A surgeon may leave a surgical instrument in the patient’s body. The term “diagnosis error” refers to a medical professional making a different medical diagnosis than the patient has. A patient has stomach cancer, but they were misdiagnosis with a stomach virus is an example of misdiagnosis. 

Birth Injuries occur to the Baby and/the Mother 

The process of delivering a baby is full of danger. It can be harmful to both a baby and its mother when performed incorrectly. A medical professional is liable of birth injury malpractice when a baby is injured such as Cerebral Palsy. They can also be liable if they give an expectant mother medication that can harm her fetus. 

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Seek Money Damages 

To receive money in a medical malpractice claim, a lawyer must prove multiple elements in a step-by-step process in court. The first element is legal duty. Legal duty is the responsibility a medical professional must treat the plaintiff without causing additional harm. The element is established via a business relationship between the medical professional and patient. 
The next step is show the medical professional breached the legal duty. This means they caused additional harm to the patient. Once legal duty is established, the next step is linking the breach of duty to the patient’s additional injury. This link is done by showing the medical professional actions directly or indirectly caused the additional injury. The last step is obtaining damages. This is done by showing bills to the court such medical bills and lost wages.

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