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Electronic cigarette market is still spreading fast and you now have a lot of models to choose from. They are very stylish, and if you are looking to stop smoking because of health problems, smoking e-cigs can be a way to go. There are also three types, but everyone used to have a cig a like type which is the smallest in size compared to other types, and it is for vapers that don’t use it constantly.

If you are planning to use it a lot, you can choose other models, but it isn’t recommended because inhaling that much vapor isn’t that healthy. Every cig-a-like works the same, just the design is different. There are small adjustments depending on the model, but it isn’t something that makes a big difference. You can always check electronic cigarette reviews 2018 online and pick what you think fits you the best.

Halo G6

This model was thoughtfully crafted so the users will have the feeling of smoking classic tobacco cigarettes. This e-cig produces smooth and rich vapor by focusing on value, purpose, and form. The starter kit has a full package filled with a value that will make you get off tobacco quickly.

Unlike most cig-a-likes, the great thing about this model that comes with a great price is that it has refillable cartridges. So, if your plan isn’t to spend a lot of money on premium vaporizers, this is a way to go. The technology they implemented will prevent dry-burn, so you won’t feel the bad taste that goes with it.

In the starter kit, you will find a charger, the manual, some flavors, and a 280mAh battery. Because the design really matters, they have seven different types of color you can pick. So, all of that you can get for $35. There are cheaper cig-a-likes but as the time past, this one will save you money.

V2 EX Starter Kit

This model is among the best when it comes to high-quality performance. It has innovative leak-proof cartridge design. One great feature is that the cartridges are transparent, so you can always check how much e-liquid you have. Most of the models have a light on the tip that indicates how much battery you have, but this model has a LED on the side that will show you how much is left as the battery is being used.

The starter kit has two 280mAh batteries, ten flavor cartridges, charger and of course a manual. The cartridges have five nicotine levels you can choose from that goes from 0% to 2.4%. The V2 EX also comes in various inspired designs including Carbon Fiber, Opal, Matte Black, Brushed Steel, Rose Gold, and Blue Pearl.

Smoke Tip

This type of e-cig is the ideal vaporizer for users searching for a more sleek option, the design was the main goal for the engineers. The 4 nicotine levels from 6mg to 24mg are available and upon that you can have 25 various flavors. The design is great if you are starting out or if you are longer in vaping.

The starter kit has a smooth gift box that holds two batteries, five flavor cartridges, also a charging cable. Having things as simple as possible for the user, they deliver their devices fully-charged to be sure you are ready for vaping as soon as you get it. The $50 will make sense to you when you get the device. Only not so good this is that it takes some time to warm up the liquid, but when it gets at the certain point it is like some premium e-cigs you can find.

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Reason to use e-cigs instead of traditional

The best thing you can do if you are a smoker is to stop because there are so many health risks or transfer to electronic cigarettes for starters. There are a lot of studies that prove how much less harm you will do to yourself when using e-cigs, and most of them had to be done to prove they can be used regularly. Some of the most famous studies have proven that there are 95% less health risks than smoking. You can also use it as a starting point in stopping to smoke.


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