Compare Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in Clearwater Florida

Below you’ll be able to compare rates for Medicare Supplements in Florida. Rates are based off of individual factors that are specific to you. The rates below are generic prices, you could be paying less depending on multiple factors. Please don’t get confused with the terminology, Medicare Supplements and Medigap are the same thing.

Rates for Medicare Supplement Plans in Clearwater Florida

There are 10 plans, labeled A-N. Not every plan is available in every city, and not every carrier will offer all 10 plans. Some carriers may only offer 3 plan options, others may offer 8 plan options. Again, rates are dependent on multiple factors. One factor is the letter plan you choose to go with and another factor is the carrier you choose to go with. Each letter plan has a different set of benefits.

Make sure to not base your decision solely off the price of the quoted premium. A carrier chooses between three different types of pricing methods. Some methods base the premium off the age you are when you apply, some don’t use your age as a rate determining factor.

Meaning, just because Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans might be cheaper now, it might be the more expensive option down the road depending on the pricing method they use. Let’s compare Plan G for residents of Clearwater.

As you can see, you have more carrier options that offer Plan G compared to Plan C. Now let’s compare rates for Plan N.

Of the three plans we compared today, Plan N is the cheapest. The reason Plan N is the cheapest is because it doesn’t cover your Part B deductible, any Part B excess charges and requires a small deductible for some office visits and emergency room visits. You can learn more about Medigap Plan N coverage here.

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