If breathing is a natural and unconscious act for people in perfect health, it is much more complicated for asthmatics . Because in asthma , the bronchi that lead the air to the lungs are permanently inflamed: the muscles that surround the bronchi contract, the wall thickens, the amount of mucus produced increases, making the passage of air to the lungs difficult. Hence the unpleasant sensation of suffocating.

Unfortunately, the asthmatic disease is chronic and the bronchi are almost permanently inflamed. This inflammation does not only result in more or less frequent and more or less severe asthma attacks . It is also manifested daily, by various symptoms: cough, shortness of breath, wheezing or tightness of the chest.

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  • A health appointment at your pharmacist Giphar

Your pharmacist Giphar and his team take part in the prevention and vigilance actions of the 
asthmatic disease. Do not hesitate to ask him for advice to measure your risk factors or to optimize your treatment.

The asthma attack

The asthma attack is a medical emergency that requires immediate care of the patient. For if the obstruction of the bronchi is severe, the passage of the air can become almost impossible. Life is in danger! Fortunately, asthma can be relieved quickly in the majority of cases. This is thanks to inhaled inhaled medications that dilate the bronchi ( short-term bronchodilators) and let the air through normally. But when they are not enough and the crisis does not go away or gets worse, call 112 or go to the nearest emergency service.

Asthmatics: the indispensable background treatment

To control asthma , reduce the number of seizures and improve quality of life, it is therefore absolutely essential to control the basic phenomenon: chronic inflammation of the bronchi . Continuous DMARD therapy, which often combines anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroid-based) with long-lasting bronchodilators , is therefore essential.

The watchword: regular monitoring!

Although the benefits of DMARD are well known, it is estimated that about half of all people with asthma do not follow it correctly. Why this negligence? In part, because asthma is sometimes forgotten between two crises and that asthmaticsthink they are cured! And that taking a puff in a crisis is (wrongly) enough treatment! This is where regular medical monitoring is important: it allows you to find the right medicine and the right dosage by looking for the minimum dose that permanently reduces inflammation of the bronchi without causing unpleasant effects. In short, the key to a new quality of life!

The air path

To make our body work, our blood and cells need oxygen.

  • With each breath, the air enters through the nose and mouth, passes through the larynx and trachea, before reaching the bronchi, then the bronchioles and finally reaching the lungs.
  • It is there, in the pulmonary alveoli, that the blood captures the fresh oxygen and rejects the carbon dioxide, which takes the same way in opposite direction before being expelled by the expiration.

The advice of your pharmacist GIPHAR

  • Asthma and allergy: put the odds on your side!

In 70 to 80% of cases, asthma has an allergic origin. In children, this proportion reaches even 95%.

To reduce the risk of crisis:

  • ventilate every room in the house for 20 minutes every day,
  • avoid contact with pets, especially cats and dogs,
  • find out about the allergenic aspect of some houseplants,
  • ban tobacco from your home.

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